Month: September 2020

Discover more about EU Nontox project: video

NONTOX Project video provides an overview of the approach adopted to recycle plastics containing hazardous substances. Interventions of three sector experts support the overview of innovative technological solutions: Martin Schlummer (Fraunhofer IVV), Sandra Ramos Quiros (AIMPLAS) and Juan Miguel Moreno Rodriguez (IMDEA Energy). Do you want to discover more about EU Nontox project? from Ecodom …

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EGG2020 online conference presentation

The presentation was illustrated by ECODOM during the EGG2020 online conference, with the aim of providing an overview of the activities carried out during the first year of the EU NONTOX Project, focusing on the results obtained with the innovative technologies developed for removing hazardous substances and enhancing recycling rates: CreaSolv®, Extruclean and ThermochemicalConversion.