NONTOX Booklet: a guideline to support stakeholders complying with legislative requirements

Within the WP5 – Framework analysis and activities to enhance recycling activities, a summary document presenting the legislative and policy context affecting the recycling of plastic has been prepared. The booklet presents the regulatory framework and operational environment (including directives and standards) currently in place for the three waste streams studied in the NONTOX projects: C&D Waste, ELV and WEEE managed in the EU territory.

In order to do this, the entire plastic value chain has been analyzed; therefore, the following stages have been considered: 1) plastic processing and upgrade, 2) product manufacture, 3) consumption and use, as well as waste generation, 4) collection of waste and plastic pre-treatment, sorting and granulation.

The aim of the booklet is to provide an in-depth review of current policy framework; the booklet is meant as a guideline for stakeholders operating in the plastic management field.