Can plastics from end-of-life vehicles be managed in a sustainable way?

The University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (UNIVAN) published a study showing the results of an environmental LCA that analyses the impact of the adoption of NONTOX innovations for the recycling of End-of-Life vehicles (ELV) plastic, whose intrinsic value is currently wasted (sent to landfill or incineration).

More in details, the studied processes include different technologies: dissolution/precipitation (Creasolv®) for the recycling of PE and PP; a supercritical extrusion process (Extruclean) dedicated to PE; catalytic pyrolysis for the treatment of residues and non-target materials.

The environmental performance of the novel ELV plastic waste management scheme is compared to the current one, showing a notable reduction of the impact for the following categories: Carcinogens, Non-Carcinogens, Global Warming and Non-Renewable Energy.

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